My Health Journey

Updated: Feb 17

Hello! I’m Kate Barry, a Functional Nutritionist, Holistic Health Practitioner and Science Educator/Researcher from Sydney, Australia. I believe that a functional approach is the answer to our healthcare crisis, so I created the Holistic Health & Nutrition Clinic as a way to provide functional solutions for patients and clients alike.

My road to understanding the power of nutrition in healing began with personal illness. After eight long years of study, I was finally working in my dream job as a Nutritional Ecologist at a prestigious University. Life was grand. Not only was I kicking goals at work, but my personal/social life was full and exciting. I travelled often, played competitive sports, tutored high school kids after work, and had no shortage of invitations to BBQs/parties/restaurants etc. Then in 2016, seemingly out of nowhere, I began to feel dizzy and off balance to the point that I could not walk or think straight. Doctors put it down to an inner ear issue, but a week later I noticed that my limbs and face felt intermittently numb in areas - I knew something was very wrong.

The next two years saw me visiting three ERs, seven GPs and five specialists, often being told I was depressed or stressed and that event