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Gut Health Challenge

Updated: Jan 20

Day 1 - Digestion in the Mouth

The main take aways from this video are:

1. Prep your body for food by smelling food before eating and eating in a relaxed state.

2. Avoid dry foods and do not consume large quantities of liquid during meals. 3. Practice mindful eating by taking your time while eating and chewing your food thoroughly.

Day 2 - Digestion in the Stomach

The main take-aways from this video are:

1. Support stomach acid production by consuming something acidic before meals and chewing your food thoroughly.

2. Avoid: consuming large amounts of water during meals, overeating, antacids, and alcohol/caffeine.

3. Manage chronic stress.

Day 3 - Digestion in the Small Intestine

The main take-aways from this video are:

1. Consider foods and supplements that heal/support the gut lining and provide digestive support.

2. Avoid trigger foods.

3. Improve gut motility by increasing fibre intake, drinking plenty of water, exercising regularly, and consider taking a Magnesium supplement.

Day 4 - Digestion in the Large Intestine

The main take-aways from this video are:

1. Eat a diverse whole and nutrient dense diet with minimal processed and high-sugar foods.

2. Support the microbiome by adding probiotics or fermented foods, prebiotic-rich foods and avoiding unnecessary antibiotics.

3. Get enough sleep.

Hope these are helpful!

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