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Success Stories

SUCHITRA - New Zealand (Nov 2021)

I came to Kate with severe food and supplement sensitivities and likely mast call activation. I react to most foods and supplements, so we took a slow and steady approach and mainly focused on calming the nervous system at the start. I have been to two other naturopaths prior to seeing Kate with no answers - Kate has helped me to understand what is going wrong with my body, although I am not there yet I have full faith in her treatment. I would highly recommend Kate to anyone who is struggling.


DANIELLE – Bathurst, Australia (Oct 2021)

Kate has really helped me understand more about my diagnosis and subsequent dietary changes. She has guided me through a very complex system of supplements and other supports to ensure that my wish to remain unmedicated has been a reality. I’m feeling good, and am now empowered with more information to support my continued healing.

Thank you Kate. I’m very grateful!



MANDY – Blue Mountains, Australia (July 2021)

Kate is very knowledgeable and supportive in getting to the bottom of what is going on and in providing options & solutions. She is responsive and encouraging through the changes needed. I particularly appreciate the long term approach - this is not a quick fix but an in-depth review and remediation.



STEPH – Sydney, Australia (July 2021)

I did the 4 week Inflammation Cleanse Challenge with Kate. I was ready to bring change, as I was bloated, always had reflux, have diabetes and high blood pressure. I had been looking for a way to kick start change, without really knowing how to do it safely. Kate provided a comprehensive guide of food and drink we could and could not have, along with some recipe guides. I went in feeling prepared and organised. It was very interesting becoming more aware of what my body tolerates. After the challenge I went for my regular blood tests and everything had improved! I highly recommend Kate as a nutritionist if you want to see change!


FAY – Melbourne, Australia (June 2021)

I've tried different diets for my Hashimotos many times and always found them too restrictive and difficult to continue with. I loved Kate's 30 day gut cleanse and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to follow, especially because the first week was time spent preparing. I especially found the recipes provided helpful. After the 30 days, I lost a little weight, felt much lighter and full of energy and my brain fog cleared. I definitely noticed a big drop in inflamation and my thyroid replacement hormone medication dose was reduced. This meant that the gut cleanse improved my thyroid hormone production. I was also able to reintroduce eggs to my diet which is wonderful. Thanks Kate! Looking forward to the next one.


VANESSA – Canberra, Australia (May 2021)

I did the 4 week cleanse with Dr Kate and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it. The program was easy to follow and the results were fantastic. My skin was glowing (bonus!) but more importantly my inflammation (due to an auto-immune condition) was noticeably reduced. The process helped me identify food triggers I had never known were contributing to my inflammation. Dr Kate was readily available to answer my questions, and was really wonderful to deal with.


NATHAN – Sydney, Australia (Jan 2021)

I've struggled with fatigue my whole life, but I've always just pushed through and been able to function. In mid-2019 I experienced neurological issues and severe fatigue that came on very suddenly and were debilitating. The neuro symptoms even caused me to have a car accident! Kate was a friend of a friend so I'd heard about her services and booked in for a free chat immediately. After listening to my history and symptoms, Kate suggested my issues may be mould-related and referred me on to a Functional Medicine doctor.


While awaiting my appointment and the start of treatment, Kate and I worked on my diet and lifestyle habits and focused on reducing inflammation so as not to exacerbate the inflammatory state being caused by the mould. To be honest, I didn't spend much time cooking prior to that so the the diet was quite hard for me to stick to, but it definitely made me feel lighter and less bloated.


One of the most important things I've learned is to listen to my body, because it's constantly giving me clues about what is good and bad about the environment I'm putting it in. This made a big difference with respect to mould avoidance, and the neuro symptoms reduced enough that I could go back to work after a couple of months.


Although I have now finished the mould detox with the Functional Medicine doc, I continue to work with Kate on my diet, gut health and detox abilities in order to minimize the thyroid symptoms I continue to suffer from. My thyroid antibodies are finally coming down and in the readable range - I can't recommend Kate highly enough! 


KATHERINE – Sydney, Australia (Dec 2020)

After being diagnosed with ME/CFS, I was told that it was incurable and that I would just have to manage the symptoms. Something told me this wasn’t the case, that there must be something I could do to at least reduce the symptoms and live a normal life.


That’s when I found Kate and Functional Nutrition, and thank God I did! Kate has taught me the importance of good nutrition, but more importantly that what is good nutrition for one person may not be good nutrition for another person – we are all unique! The most important thing I’ve learned is to tune into my body and really listen to what it’s telling me. By doing these things, I have gone from bedbound to 60-70% function in the 15 months I’ve been working with Kate.


ANDREW – Melbourne, Australia (Aug 2020)

I was diagnosed with mould illness about a year ago, and I really had no idea what to do or where to go for help. Luckily a friend of mine knew Kate, so I booked a free Strategy Session immediately. I'm so thankful I did because after getting out of the environment and working on the five pillars of health, I'm a new man!


LOUISE – Ohio, USA (June 2020)

I had unexplained symptoms that no doctor could diagnose. Kate taught me to listen to my body and look for patterns, while also teaching me about environmental toxins. It's been a long road, but I have definitely seen significant improvements. Thanks Dr Kate!


VIVIENNE – Sydney, Australia (Jan 2020)

In 2019 I was diagnosed with lymphocytic colitis (inflammation of the colon). I had the full gamut of digestive symptoms, and it was difficult to manage and very unpleasant. I was prescribed one medication which had no effect and then another which made the symptoms worse.


Not knowing where else to turn, I spoke to Kate a few months later and she suggested that I eliminate inflammatory foods since my condition was inflammation-based. After a week or two I started to feel great, and eventually was able to reintroduce some of the old foods once my gut had healed a bit.


Kate advised me that fermented foods may also be helpful, and she also taught me various strategies to slow down my eating - it made such a difference to my digestion!


I also had trouble sleeping at night, so Kate suggested I try meditation (mindfulness), especially since there is often a link with stress and digestive symptoms. I did this for many months and if I was experiencing stress this helped me to relax and sleep better. We're now introducing probiotics and I have already felt the benefits :-)


MARGARET – London, UK (Sep 2019)

Before I saw Kate, I had quite upsetting digestive issues that prevented me from living life to the full. After working on my diet and stress levels, I am now symptom free!

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