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Danielle M

I came to see Kate for a family member after seeing many other specialists with no results, and we started to see results from her individualised program in less than 3 months. After 12 months the results have been life changing. If you think you might have a toxin issue and need some detoxing, then I cannot recommend her enough.

Nicole M

I contacted Dr Kate after years of failing to get answers through medical professionals.
I had been living with a whole range of "minor" symptoms like stiff aching joints, hair loss, halitosis, brain fog and constant postnasal drip. I suspected mould but hadn't been able to prove it or get any answers.
After only a few months following Dr Kate's comprehensive and well-paced program of diet, immune system and digestive support, and nervous system support, I feel energetic and healthier than I have in years, I feel 10 years younger.
I highly recommend Dr Kate to anyone with unexplained chronic symptoms, suspected mould illness or anything similar.

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Bria L

Dr Barry has been instrumental in my recovery from CIRS. Being diagnosed with CIRS was the single most devastating, isolating, and depressing experience of my life. Dr Barry provided constant support and advice over email and text 24/7. She was very empathetic, provided me with extensive testing, made efforts to understand my (approach to) health / lifestyle, and guided me through each phase of recovery. She has many resources of her own which are incredibly informative and useful.

I still have a long road to recovery ahead, but my condition has certainly improved since my exposure thanks to the personalised protocol devised by Dr Barry. If you are suffering from CIRS, Dr Barry is someone you want in your corner in your journey to recovery.


Kylie S

I had been perplexed and worried about a tingly sensation on my forehead and scalp along with a host of other symptoms including brain fog, sore muscles and joints and other anomalies that were unexplained by 3 blood tests and and MRI. Kate was able to quickly ascertain that the symptoms were due to mould illness from prolonged exposure and formulate an action plan. Once I removed myself form the mouldy environment and completed the 30 day cleanse (honestly, I have never stopped doing the cleanse!!), my health and my spirits have improved dramatically. Kate was ever present during the emotional move from my home of 15 years and subsequent diet overhaul which was completely out of my comfort zone. The recovery from mould illness is not an overnight matter so I am very grateful for Kate and her expertise around functional nutrition guiding the way


Nicole B

I had been extremely ill for 12 months. I was bedridden and housebound. I couldn't get out of bed, I had no energy to walk, I couldn't even lift up my toothbrush to clean my teeth. Every time I tried to stand up, I felt like I was going to pass out. My heart was racing and beating out of my chest. My gut was an absolute mess, I couldn't eat anything other than meat, if I did, I would crash again and not be able to lift my head up off the pillow the next morning. I had severe pain everywhere in my body. I was stiff. I had pain in my chest and in all my organs. My vision was bad, I had terrible brain fog and memory problems. I felt like my immune system had crashed and my autonomic nervous system was not functioning at all as it should. There was absolute chaos in my body. Nothing was working....I didn't get anywhere with medical doctors. They said my test results were "normal." One doctor told me to stop focusing on my symptoms and asked if I had seen a psychologist lately. I really took offence to that. I wasn't crazy! I was seriously ill. I literally felt like I was dying....I had about 35 "mystery" symptoms. After months of tests and research, I suspected that I had CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome) which is from mycotoxin toxicity caused by mould. I had been exposed to some serious black mould a couple of months before I fell ill. I mentioned this to my doctors, I saw 3, and this was dismissed immediately. They knew nothing about CIRS. I also saw a heart specialist, who said everything was fine and an endocrinologist, who told me to get a sleep apnea test. Oh boy!...That's when I went online and found Dr. Kate Barry. She is highly qualified to diagnose and treat CIRS. She has clients all over the world. I started working with Dr Kate and she believed me, she really listened to me and understood everything I had been going through. She is very familiar with CIRS herself.....With the proper tailored nutrition, supplementation and incorporating meditation into my life, I started to feel much better very quickly....Dr. Kate is such a lovely lady. She is incredibly knowledgeable and gets to the root case of disease. She doesn't just put a band-aid over the symptoms. You are also able to get in contact with her in between consults, anytime, via sms or email....To anyone who is suffering with illness, autoimmune issues or "mystery" symptoms and haven't been able to get answers from mainstream medical doctors, I highly recommend Dr Kate. She's amazing and she will sort your health out, when everyone else fails.

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Elizabeth B

Before I started seeing Dr Kate, I was suffering from almost daily agony due to inflammation from mould illness. I would spend most nights practically wanting to scratch my skin off as well as suffering from regular bouts of brain fog, nausea, fatigue, bloating and numerous other symptoms. Since seeing Dr Kate, I have experienced a radical transformation in my bodily and mental health. I no longer spend my nights in agony and am able to live a much happier and fulfilled life. The combination of regular consults, nutritional advice and round the clock sms availability has been an absolute game changer for me. Strongly Recommended.

Danielle H

Kate has really helped me understand more about my diagnosis and subsequent dietary changes. She has guided me through a very complex system of supplements and other supports to ensure that my wish to remain unmedicated has been a reality. I’m feeling good, and am now empowered with more information to support my continued healing. Thank you Kate. I’m very grateful 🙏

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Vivienne B

In 2019 I was diagnosed with lymphocytic colitis (inflammation of the colon). I had the full gamut of digestive symptoms, and it was difficult to manage and very unpleasant. I was prescribed one medication which had no effect and then another which made the symptoms worse. Not knowing where else to turn, I spoke to Kate a few months later and she suggested that I eliminate inflammatory foods since my condition was inflammation-based. After a week or two I started to feel great, and eventually was able to reintroduce some of the old foods once my gut had healed a bit.
Kate advised me that fermented foods may also be helpful, and she also taught me various strategies to slow down my eating - it made such a difference to my digestion! I also had trouble sleeping at night, so Kate suggested I try meditation (mindfulness), especially since there is often a link with stress and digestive symptoms. I did this for many months and if I was experiencing this helped me to relax and sleep better. We’re now introducing probiotics and I have already felt the benefits.


Ali E

Dr Barry is a fantastic communicator. I was taught important lifestyle changes that needed to be made and could feel the difference within 2 weeks. Highly recommend whether it's for a health condition or just want to go to that next level of healthy living. Great experience.

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Jess M

Thank you Kate for all of your help these last 6 months. I already feel a world of difference and look forward to what's to come for me. You're one in a million.


Dawn D

I CAN’T BELIEVE HOW MUCH BETTER I FEEL!! I have some rare health issues, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, Eosinophilic Esophagitis, Hyperadrenergic POTS and Hypermobility Ehlers-Danlos syndrome with vascular tendencies. The first two basically mean I’m allergic to pretty much everything- dairy, corn, wheat, gluten, egg whites, shellfish, cinnamon……the list goes on. Not everyone with these issues is allergic to the same things so it’s usually a trial and error thing. I live in the US and have no idea how I ended up in Dr. Kate’s group but it was a gift from God. I stumble sometimes and eat what I shouldn’t, but this has changed my life. I’m not allowed everything on the cleanse, but man I’ve found things to eat that I can tolerate without a reaction! And my body feels SO much better!! This has to be the way I eat for life because of my illnesses, but the info given to me here has literally changed so much for me. Interestingly, participating in the cleanse helps keep me accountable for what I eat and that in itself is huge. I will be forever grateful!

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Jaimen G

Dr Kate, has helped me through my digestive and nervous system problems. She has a broad background of knowledge and experience. Dr Kate was able to pick up on things that my normal GP wouldn’t have(blood tests, etc), further speeding up my recovery. Very helpful clinic 😁👍🏻

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Nathan W

In mid-2019 I experienced neurological issues and severe fatigue that came on very suddenly and were debilitating. Kate was already a friend of mine, so I'd heard about her services and booked in for a free chat immediately. After listening to my history and symptoms, Kate suggested my issues may be mould-related. Kate and I worked on my diet and lifestyle habits and focused on reducing inflammation so as not to exacerbate the inflammatory state being caused by the mould. One of the most important things I've learned is to listen to my body, because it's constantly giving me clues about what is good and bad about the environment I'm putting it in. This made a big difference with respect to mould avoidance, and the neuro symptoms reduced enough that I could go back to work after a couple of months. Although I have now finished the mould detox, I continue to work with Kate on my diet, gut health and detox abilities in order to minimize the thyroid symptoms I continue to suffer from. I can't recommend Kate highly enough!

Suchitra K

I have been with Kate for severe food and supplement sensitivity she is so good as she tries to get to the bottom of the cause rather than patching up .I thing I like most is that I can contact her any day which makes me feel not so lonely in my journey as often I don’t like to talk to anyone about it as people start to judge .We are not there yes at present we are working on calming my immune system with this slow and steady speed I am sure we will get there for sure I do have full faith in her .I would highly recommend her if you are struggling 😊


Lyn T

I decided to come to Dr Kate as I was having issues with food intolerances and I had also been diagnosed with Parkinsons. I chose the VIP 6 month plan. Through Dr Kate I learnt how to be more aware of how my body was reacting to food intake. Also how to reduce inflammation and the gut is the root of most chronic health issues. Through a structured approach I was finally able to lose weight which I have struggled with for years, my food intolerances are more under control now, my Parkinsons symptoms have plateau to the extent where I now feel am able to be a productive member of the community. My experience with Dr Kate have been fantastic, she was always willing to help me overcome any issues that presented, as well as, offer support at any time, thus making this journey to better health more achievable. Thank you Dr Kate

Portrait at Home

Katherine B

After being diagnosed with ME/CFS, I was told that it was incurable and that I would just have to manage the symptoms. Something told me this wasn’t the case, that there must be something I could do to at least reduce the symptoms and live a normal life.
That’s when I found Kate and Functional Nutrition, and thank God I did! Kate has taught me the importance of good nutrition, but more importantly that what is good nutrition for one person may not be good nutrition for another person – we are all unique! The most important thing I’ve learned is to tune into my body and really listen to what it’s telling me. By doing these things, I have gone from bedbound to 60-70% function in the 15 months I’ve been working with Kate.

Mandy G

Kate is very knowledgeable and supportive in getting to the bottom of what is going on and in providing options & solutions. She is responsive and encouraging through the changes needed. I particularly appreciate the long term approach - this is not a quick fix but an in-depth review and remediation.​

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Vanessa L

I did the 4 week cleanse with Dr Kate and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it. The program was easy to follow and the results were fantastic. My skin was glowing (bonus!) but more importantly my inflammation (due to an auto-immune condition) was noticeably reduced. The process helped me identify food triggers I had never known were contributing to my inflammation. Dr Kate was readily available to answer my questions, and was really wonderful to deal with.

Check out Vanessa's video testimonial here:

Diana G

I did the Inflammation Cleanse with Kate and thoroughly recommend it.

I have several autoimmune diseases and was aware that I needed to try and find out my main inflammation trigger but I kept putting it off because, as a coeliac, I already follow a strict gluten free diet so my diet is already restricted. I was aware of the AIP (autoimmune protocol) diet but it is very restrictive and needs to be followed for months. It all seemed too hard! Kate’s Inflammation Cleanse was not hard. It was simple to follow, I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything, the recipes were easy and tasty and Kate was fantastic with her support. I would highly recommend Kate to anyone wanting to improve their health and diet. Thank you Kate.

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Fay S

I've tried different diets for my Hashimotos many times and always found them too restrictive and difficult to continue with. I loved Kate's 30 day gut cleanse and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to follow, especially because the first week was time spent preparing. I especially found the recipes provided helpful. After the 30 days, I lost a little weight, felt much lighter and full of energy and my brain fog cleared. I definitely noticed a big drop in inflamation and my thyroid hormone replacement medication dose was reduced. This meant that the gut cleanse improved my thyroid hormone production. I was also able to re-introduce eggs into my diet which is wonderful. Thanks Kate! Looking forward to the next one.

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Steph W

I did the 4 week Inflammation Cleanse Challenge with Kate. I was ready to bring change, as i was bloated, always had reflux, have diabetes and high blood pressure. I had been looking for a way to kick start change, without really knowing how to do it safely. Kate provided a comprehensive guide of food and drink we could and could not have, along with some recipe guides. I went in feeling prepared and organised. It was very interesting becoming more aware of what my body tolerates. After the challenge i went for my regular blood tests and everything had improved! i highly recommend Kate as a nutritionist if you want to see change!

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