The Holistic Health & Nutrition Clinic specializes in helping the growing population of individuals (mostly women) who struggle with chronic illness and/or unexplained symptoms that diminish quality of life. Kate is on a mission to help people find the root causes of their symptoms and finally feel better.

Although Kate has more practical experience with certain health conditions like autoimmunity, mould illness (CIRS), digestive dysfunction, and chronic fatigue syndromes, her systematic approach and five tiered clinical framework can be applied to EVERY client experiencing health issues, no matter what their ailment. Kate addresses the terrain in which the client's illness developed rather than trying to address the specific diagnosis. This framework is useful for everybody, however the individual protocols used within the framework are very much bespoke.

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In keeping with the "36 holes in the roof" analogy, Kate's mentor Andrea Nakayama has determined that there are three roots responsible for the majority of health issues seen by diet and lifestyle practitioners - genes, digestion, inflammation - but there are many many more branches. 







Joint Pain





Brain Fog

The soil in which the roots of illness grew

Three roots, many branches 

These downstream "roots", when addressed, will positively affect the many upstream "branches" that are being fed - or starved - by those roots. The branches include any sign, symptom, or diagnosis. Many are shown on the above image, but literally any symptom or diagnosis is a branch. 


Kate remains focused on the importance of addressing the three roots in chronic illness, consistently  attending short courses and conferences (examples below) in order to maximise the "three roots toolbox" she makes available to clients. They are the key to solving your unique and complex puzzle!

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Functional testing used:

- Organic Acids Test (OAT)

- GI MAP stool test

- DUTCH hormone testing

- SIBO breath test

- HLA DQ/DR test

- Mycotox urine analysis

- Mould/Biotoxin markers (eg C3a, C4a, Leptin, MMP-9, MSH, VEGF, VIP)

- IgG food sensitivity testing

- Hair mineral analysis for Heavy Metals

- various other tests via NutriPath Pathology Services

Practitioner-Only supplements used:

- Metagenics

- Designs for Health

- Pure Encapsulations

- CellCore Biosciences

- Microbiome Labs

- BodyBio

- Researched Nutritionals

- Quicksilver Scientific

- any supplement available via FxMed or Natural Chemist

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