Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome

AKA Mould Illness, Biotoxin Illness, Sick Building Syndrome

Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) is a multi-system, multi-symptom illness caused by inhaling the biotoxins and inflammagens produced by micro-organisms such as mould and bacteria in water-damaged buildings. For more information about CIRS, please go to the Toxic Mould Support Australia website.

If you feel you may be negatively affected by mould and mycotoxins, please follow the basic steps below...


1. Presence of mould?

  • Is there visible mould and/or a musty smell in your home or workplace?

  • Has there been a leak or water intrusion event at your home or workplace that was not remediated appropriately (i.e. wet building materials removed)?

  • Do you have a significant issue with condensation at your home or workplace?

  • Do you live or work in a historical building?

2. VCS test and
symptom clusters

Access and complete the symptom analysis here...

Symptom tracker (Excel)

Symptom tracker (Google sheets)


Purchase (US$15/AUD$20) and complete the VCS test with symptom tracker here...


Screen Shot 2022-07-31 at 10.27.08 am (2).png

3. Schedule a
15-minute discovery call to ask questions and discuss next steps

Kate has personal experience with CIRS, having been through two significant exposures and their associated health consequences in the last few years. She is familiar with the Shoemaker Protocol and has completed the following mould/biotoxin trainings:

- Surviving Mold Proficiency Partners Certification (Dr Ritchie Shoemaker)
- Mold Illness Made Simple Course (Dr Sandeep Gupta)
- Advanced Precision Mold Master Class (Beth O'Hara)
- Mold Training for Medical Practitioners (Dr Jill Crista)
- Advanced Mold-Immune Course (Drs Margaret Christensen & Dr Gail Clayton)


Once the above steps have been completed and a client case review scheduled, functional testing can be ordered via RN Labs and/or NutriPath (or NutriSearch if in NZ) and relevant blood tests can be ordered via your GP or privately via NutriPath. Practitioner-grade supplements can then be onboarded to reduce inflammation, calm down an overactive immune system, optimize gut function and remove mould/support detox pathways.

If you have questions and would like to know more about working with Kate, please

get in touch via email or schedule a free 15-minute discovery call.

**If you suspect you may be negatively affected by mould and mycotoxins,

please complete the symptom analysis before scheduling a discovery call.**